Choosing the right ladder can prevent all sorts of problems, including both ease of use and injury. There are different types of ladders for different tasks. Some specific ladder types include:

Cotterman Ladders: These rolling, steel warehouse ladders are a great staple for warehouses of all kinds. As they are transportable, they can be a rolling stair unit for access around indoor areas. Cotterman ladders are designed for easy access with included handrails. Most styles include platforms at the top of the structure, providing safer access when loading or unloading.

Step Ladders: For your average, everyday job, you may find that a step ladder will provide the height you need. With options for height up to 12 feet, most every day jobs can be performed with a standard step ladder. Additionally, with a number of options for accessory add-ons, they can offer even more functionality and help on even more job types.

Extension Ladders: For work that needs to be performed at up to 40 feet, the extension ladder can be utilized. These ladders are usually needed for outside jobs as they provide extended reach. With a number of different accessory options, these ladders can perform safely, securely, and effectively each and every time.

Fixed Access Ladders: These types of ladders are designed for specific use, as they are installed to provide permanent access to an area. They can be installed either inside or outside of a structure, offering a safe and affordable way to access areas that would otherwise be challenging to get to and emergency exits.

Ladder safety checklist

Never use a ladder on an uneven surface.

Never stack your ladder on any other material or equipment other than the floor to get additional height

Never attempt to move a ladder while it is in use

Never use a ladder in extreme weather conditions for outside jobs

Never use a damaged ladder

Never lose focus when climbing or descending a ladder

At ISD, we take great pride and care in the quality of our products, so you know you can always trust us to guarantee your safety.

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What is De-ionised water?

Deionisation simply means the removal of ions.

Ions are electrically charged atoms or molecules found in water that have either a net negative or positive charge. For many applications that use water as a rinse or ingredient, these ions are considered impurities and must be removed from the water.

Ions with a positive charge are called “Cations” and ions with a negative charge are called “Anions”. Ion exchange resins are used to exchange non desirable cations and anions with hydrogen and hydroxyl, respectively, forming pure water (H20), which is not an ion. Below is a list of ions commonly found in municipal water.

Where can you use de-ionised water?

* To prepare chemical solutions and mixtures
* For preparation of electrolytes for the acid and alkaline batteries
* For dilution of concentrated anti-freeze
* For final rinse of printed circuit boards, for washing equipment from acids and alkalis,    after technological operations in the electronics industry.
* For refueling cars glass washers
* For top up the cooling system, because it does not create salt deposits in the system
* For flushing cooling systems of cars
* In the perfume industry
* To fill irons and steam household devices and where is necessary to avoid mineral deposits

Using deionised water as a cleanser is a new method. It does not use any chemicals; they are replaced by the water. The water is brought to almost perfect purity. This deionised water is four times cleaner than distilled water. It is already in the so-called active phase, when decomposed into ions and cations, it itself easily removes everything that is on the cleaning surface. As a result on the surface of any material washed with deionised water after drying there are no spots.

The de-ionised water is not for drinking because it doesn’t contain any salts and trace elements.

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Gardening in September

Keep picking and digging. Make sure you get to your potatoes before the slugs do. Some plants can get through the winter outside so plant overwintering crops such as garlic and winter lettuces and quick crops like baby spinach. You can also plant new fruit trees once any really dry weather is over. Trees have less chance of survival if planted in the heat of the summer so the gap between dry weather and ground freezing is ideal.

What to do in September:

    * Tidy borders and containers so they’re ready for spring flowering plants.

      * You’re bound to have a lot of garden waste this month so get your compost going by buying a bin or creating an enclosed area for a heap. It’s important to replace the goodness in the soil and all the trimming and tidying will add organic richness to your soil next spring.

        * Keep weeding. It’s possible to control weeds without resorting to chemical weed killers. If pulling up weeds becomes too much of a chore, install weed barriers, smother them with newspaper or douse deep rooted dandelions with vinegar.

          * Clear garden debris and dispose of any diseased material. Burning is an option or you can simply use your green council bin.

            * Plant container-grown shrubs, trees, fruit bushes, perennials and bulbs. Remember to water them well once planted to give them the best possible start.

              * Start planting spring flowering bulbs for next year and as your plants die back, you can collect their seeds and use them next summer.

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                ISD Home Starter Kit/Gift Set

                This kit/set is perfect for anyone who needs the essentials to get started within their home. Or perhaps a gift for a special someone for their birthday or Christmas. We can also tailor these to your specification.

                This kit/set contains:

                * Black & Decker Drill 18V 1.5 Li-Ion
                * Stanley 11 Piece Decorating Kit
                * Faithful Soft Grip Set of 7 Screwdrivers
                * Faithful Combination Pliers
                * Stanley Tool Box
                * Faithful Drill Bit Set
                * Faithful Retractable Knife
                * Faithful 10m Auto Lock Measuring Tape
                * Faithful Radiator Keys
                * Stanley I-Beam Level
                * Stanley 7 Piece Insert Set
                * Plasplug 10 Piece Plugs & Screws

                Please call 01952 630333 or email to order. Collection from store 24/48 hrs from ordering(excludes Saturdays & Sundays) or Delivery to Mainland UK £6.95.
                (Please let our team know if you would like the kit gift wrapped).

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                Sovereign Aerosols

                We have included a new addition to our extensive range of products- We welcome Sovereign Aerosols.

                Sovereign Aerosols are made in the UK and their products will accommodate most jobs at hand.

                These are just a few products we sell from Sovereign: Parts Degreaser, Automotive Brake Cleaner, General Maintenance spray, Silicone Spray , Electrical Contact Cleaner, Stain and Rain Defender ( I have tried this on my trainers & is BRILLIANT), Cockpit Shine, Upholstery Cleaner & Air Sanitiser ( We use the Sanitiser on the shop floor & lasts hours, the smell is wonderful too !).

                These are great value in 500ml aerosol cans.


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                What’s the Difference Between a Drill/Driver and Impact Driver?

                As a general rule, if you’re working with drywall, softer woods, veneers, plastics, or brass screws, stick to the drill because it won’t dent or break the material.

                If you’ve got a project that requires using a ton of screws, long or thick screws, or driving through dense materials (such as building decking), save your wrists and some time and go with an impact driver.



                • Works great for jobs requiring care or precision
                • Applies a constant torque
                • Accepts a wide variety of drill and screw-driving bits
                • Accepts accessories such as wire-wheel brushes and rotary sanders
                • Has a slip clutch that allows you play with the amount of torque
                • Relatively inexpensive to purchase


                • Can stall when driving long, large fasteners
                • Has the potential to strip screws
                • Can put a strain on the user

                Impact Driver


                • These have some real power
                • Powers screws through some seriously dense material with more torque and concussive blows
                • Prevents wrist strain because it’s doing more work
                • Drives long screws with little effort
                • Less likely to strip screws
                • Has a short snout for getting into tighter spaces


                • Costs more than a drill
                • Makes a lot of noise
                • Only accepts hex-shanked driver bits
                • Isn’t meant for drilling, just driving screws
                • Too much of a beast for more precise, delicate jobs
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                Gardening in August

                Keep watering but remember to be water wise too. If you’re planning on going away, consider investing in an automatic watering system. Keep on top of weeds in borders, the vegetable garden and all of your pots and containers.

                It’s your last chance to sow salads outside so don’t delay. Plant quick-maturing crops including lettuces, sorrel and rocket.

                What to do in August:

                * Feed soil with green manures

                * Prune wisteria and summer flowering shrubs

                * Keep deadheading

                * Collect seed from your favourite plants and take cuttings from houseplants Plant new strawberry plants. Cut the leaves of existing plants to within 3” of the crown and peg healthy-looking runners

                * Greenhouses can get too hot so protect plants from scorching by painting relevant panes of glass with white emulsion to create shade. You can also damp down the floor of the greenhouse on hot days to increase humidity

                * Clean out any empty water butts

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                How to choose the right strimmer

                One thing at ISD we recommend is that you do not get hung up on the brand. There are a lot of great, and lesser known, manufacturers out there offering warranties of 2 and 3 years, so if you get the right machine for your needs, the brand name on it should not matter.

                Here are a few questions that you need to ask yourself when looking to buy a trimmer:

                Where are you Going to use Your Strimmer?

                There are 3 types of strimmer; Petrol, electric with a cord and battery operated. Clearly if you need to operate one where there is no socket or you are going to struggle to get an extension lead to, then a corded trimmer is not an option.

                How long are you Typically Going to use it for?

                In each trimming session, how long you use your strimmer will have an impact on your choice. Battery powered strimmers tend to only last about 20-30 minutes on a single charge, which can be inconvenient if you need to continue for longer. Of course, you can be getting on with other things while the battery charges or buy several batteries.

                What are you Going to be Cutting?

                This is probably the most important question. Light grass can easily be dealt with by an electric trimmer, but you will need a petrol trimmer, possibly with a brush cutting blade, for thicker vegetation and long grass. Light fine edging work will be difficult with a heavy petrol trimmer, but a light battery operated model will be handy and easy to manoeuvre.

                What can you Manage?

                If you don’t want to deal with petrol and 2 stroke additive, which a lot of the petrol strimmers use, then a petrol trimmer is not for you. You might find it is too heavy for you to use. On the other hand, you might not want the bother of extension leads or charging batteries. This can be a bind if you have to take your strimmer to a site with no power such as an allotment.

                What can you Afford?

                As a rule of thumb an electric corded trimmer will be cheapest, and then there will be the battery powered versions and the most expensive will be petrol powered. However there is a lot of overlap, so for example, you might find a cheap petrol trimmer is cheaper than a more advanced and expensive electric one. We suggest that you pick what you need; petrol, electric corded or battery. Then you can start to look at the price.

                If you need any further assisitance why not give us a call!


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                Everbuild Wet Room Tanking

                The Aquaseal Wet Room System is a new waterproof tanking kit from Everbuild Building Products Ltd, the UK’s largest independent manufacturer of Sealants, Adhesives and Building Chemicals.
                The building materials generally used in modern, domestic and commercial bathroom, shower and wet room areas such as plasterboard, plywood, MDF, softwood, block work and concrete are highly susceptible to water and excessive moisture meaning that, over time, leaks will begin to occur and the bathroom is at risk of moisture damage. Now, with the growing popularity of wet room’s and showers it is essential to protect what lies behind the tile, even in wet zone areas around baths and basins.
                Everbuild’s Aquaseal Wet Room System Kit is the perfect solution to the problem, it is the ideal kit for waterproofing before tiling, is non-hazardous, can be used with under floor heating and is easy to apply by brush. Tested to BS/EN 14891, the Aquaseal Wet Room System Kit can be used on plasterboard, MDF, plywood, cementitious boards, blockwork, concrete & specialist wet room boards. Each kit contains Waterproof Tanking Membrane, Waterproof Tanking Tape, Waterproof Tanking Primer and a Tanking Drain Mat as well as a detailed instruction leaflet and the kit is ready to use straight out of the tub. The really clever part of the system is the new Waterproof Tanking Membrane, specially developed and manufactured by Everbuild it forms a permanently flexible waterproof seal to ensure that this is a tanking deal that really holds water and it is blue in colour for ease of application.
                Available in two sizes – standard and large – the kits contain everything you need to successfully waterproof 7.5m² (large) and 4.5m² (standard, shower size). The products in the kit can also be purchased separately for any individual uses you might have. Item EVBAQSKIT45 System kit, Item EVBAQWPTM Waterproof tanking membrane.
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                Why Wear Safety Boots or Shoes?

                At ISD we sell many safety boots and Shoes to trade and the public. We are pleased that we do! Safety footwear can save your precious feet from injury!

                This may include:

                • Puncture wounds to the feet
                • Crush injuries
                • Chemical and electrical burns

                Gone of the days of heavy, uncomfortable and heavy boots. Most manufacturers have been working hard on making them more appealing while keeping the safety.

                The Health and Safety law only requires safety footwear to be worn where there is a real risk of injury. It is not uncommon for employers to adopt a policy requiring the wearing of safety footwear at all times when and where there is a risk that people would not change into and out of PPE footwear during the day.

                So don’t have the attitude of ” It won’t happen to me”. Be safe.



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