Stainless Steel Unions 3000lb rated

Over stocking has led to the availability for sale of 8 x 2 inch stainless steel unions with a rating of 3000lb.Contact us if interested as no reasonable offer refused for one or all of the items.Delivery to be agreed at time of purchase.ISD and Tools R Us helping industry keep moving.Check the web site for the latest in hand tools.

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Plastic Access Panels

Over the last few months we have supplied more and more diverse products for more and more trades.So much so we have decided to offer a number of our home refurbishment customers and diy experts an item they are asking for on a regular basis .That item is what is known as an “access Panel” .This is basically a small plastic or metal door which can be fitted into a wall or ceiling to give you access to such items as stop cocks, gas and electrical boxes,rodding points and anywhere you need access to carry out small maintenance tasks.These are not on our website yet but soon will be.To begin with we will be offering just the small plastic panels which can be fitted with the minimum of effort by anyone with basic DIY skills,only requiring tools to cut a hole big enough to take the panel and some builders adhesive to fix it in place.The hole size needs to be between 2mm and 5mm bigger than the frame on the rear of the panel.The plastic panels are really only suitable for walls and not generally used in ceilings.Due to their very nature they are not fire rated and come in one colour which is an off white but suitable for painting over if required to match the surrounding decor.To begin with we are only going to be offering the most popular sizes of plastic panels but through our links to a “local” manufacturer we may be able to offer metal panels in larger sizes and with optional finishes but that is for the future.So if you wish to finish off that DIY project with a neat and efficient door then look no further Tools R Us can help !

Sizes Available :

TRUP 102mmx152mm  @£9.50 ea plus vat

TRUP 152mmx228mm  @£9.50 ea plus vat

TRUP 203mmx203mm  @£11.50 ea plus vat

TRUP 300mmx300mm  @£12.00 ea plus vat

TRUP 355mmx355mm  @£18.00 ea plus vat

Individual items using courier can be sent but please note there is a £5.00 carriage charge, however please don’t hesitate to call us if you have quantity requirements where we may be able to offer discounts, or  if you have specific delivery needs.01952 630333.


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If The Shoe Fits?

Stocks of ladies work shoes added to clearance due to new stocks and styles arriving shortly. Footsure safety shoes and clogs. FS 44 Black leather Brogue.FS 45 Black Gibson .FS 92 Black slip on ,FS 93 Black Casual slip on.Code numbers FS 44 and FS 45 one pair of each size 8 only £23.00 pair plus carriage .FS 92 FS 93 £25.00 pair again only one pair of each size 8 and one pair of FS93 size 6 .We are suppliers of Footsure, Timberland,Dr Martens,Caterpillar and can offer specials when required. We also offer a complete selection of PPE and clothing from head to toe and all areas in between.Hi vis to full EN471 specification where applicable . Head protection to include MSA helmets and ear protection.Eye wear goggles, glasses ,visors and shields.Coats, vests,trousers and even socks.Gloves for washing up to handling chemicals ,for cold weather and sharp objects, for butchers, bakers and candlestick makers.If you need it we will supply it. Just call 01952 630333 or contact us here for more details.

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Fan Sale Madness

Sweating out of every pore!! Get in quickly! Only six remaining of our HVF18, 18 inch floor standing fan.See our site for product details. “Fan, Fan,my kingdom for a fan!”. With apologies to Shakespeare, keep cool we have smaller ones available as well like 8 inch desk fans , 16inch wall fans but be quick there’s only a few remaining. So if your tool shop, office or bedroom is hot,hot,hot don’t hesitate to cool down with us where customer service is our priority. From a penny washer to an industrial hose reel, from a 4mm fullnut to a complete set of drill bits and thousands of items in between give us a call on 01952 630333 or visit our web site at ToolsRus.

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Hand Cleaners

Hand cleaners are used in many environments from heavy industry to workshops to weekend car enthusiasts. These heavy duty hand cleaners are tough and are perfect for removing oil and debris from hands and arms. There tough on grime and they work by using hard granules and a liquid soap solution to scrub the hands clean.

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Adhesive Cleaners & Thinners

Adhesive cleaners are fluids which remove adhesive residue from surfaces and machinery. Adhesive cleaners are essential in many environments including factories, the home or the workshop. Keeping to health and safety standards are paramount in work environments so keeping surface clear and free debris and resistance from adhesive is paramount. Even on old hard adhesives, a good adhesive cleaner will do the trick.

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Fox Wedges

Fox wedges are oblong primarily carpentry tools, mainly used for expanding the split end of a bolt but also used with cotters, dowels or tenons. Which then secures the end in a hole or mortice and prevents withdrawal. The wedge butts against the bottom of the hole and the piece is then driven down upon it.

Our fire wedges come in a wide variety of sizes, however if you can’t find what you’re looking for, why not give us a call on 0845 521 3300, as many other sizes are available. We can also make them to specification, so whatever the size, call us & we’ll try to match it.


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Tiling Tools

Looking to freshen up your bathroom or kitchen with some new tiles? Look no further than toolsrus for all your tiling tools, we have everything you could need from grout rakes to tile files for when that one tile needs resizing.

We have it all from tile spacers which are used to mark the distance between tiles and allow for easy tile positioning. To hand saws for tiles which make it easy to cut down tiles to the correct size, which should be used with a tile scorer to ensure a perfect cut.

If theres any tiling tool that need, why not give us a call on 0845 521 3300? We’d be happy to help.

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Whether big or small, we have a massive range of workbenches to suit every need. With both metal workbenches & wood workbenches as well as workbench accessories, we’re confident we have everything you need to get the job done.

A sturdy workbench offers many benefits such as a working height that’s comfortable, something solid to fix a workpiece against – leaving the hands free & storage for tools & accessories.

Our metal workbenches are usually used grinding, welding & forges. You’ll usually find a metalworkers vice atop of one.

Our wood workbenches are usually used for all types of woodwork including joinery, cabinet making & patterning.

Our workbench accessories includes everything from drawers & vice mounting plates.

So for a great choice in workbenches, we offer a fantastic choice, if you do have any problems or need something that isn’t available on the website, please don’t hesitate to contact us on 0845 521 3300.

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Parweld Welding Helmets

We have a new set of parweld welding helmets that have been added to toolsrus.

They come in 6 variations as below:


Great helmets from a well known manufacturer, this Parweld XR915H light reactant helmet has many features including variable shades 9-13.

Can be used for MIG,TIG, ARC Welding & Plasma Cutting.



ON/OFF – the solar unit automatically switches on when exposed to light


Select the shade number – Five different shade numbers – 9,10,11,12 and 13 are available in the dark state.


Select Delay Time – By moving the selector switch on the rear of the cartridge the time taken for the lens to lighten after welding can be altered to:

Short – The lens will lighten after welding in 0.25 to 0.35 seconds dependent upon ambient temperature and shade set.         This is an ideal setting for tack welding or production welding with low amperages

Medium – The lens will lighten after welding in 0.4 to 0.5 seconds dependant upon the ambient temperature and shade set.

Long – The lens will lighten in 0.6 to 0.8 seconds dependant upon the ambient temperature and shade set. This setting is ideal for welding at high temperatures where this is an after glow from the weld.


Sensitivity selection – The sensitivity can be adjusted by rotating the knob on the side of the helmet. This alters the sensitivity of the helmet to ambient light levels.


Grinding Mode – By moving the selector switch on the outside of the helmet, the cartridge can be set in a permanent light state for use when grinding.

Technical Specifications

Viewing Area 98mm x 44mm /3.86” x 1.76”
Cartridge Size 122mm x 100mm x 9mm / 4 ” x 3 ” x 3 ”
UV/IR Protection Permanent Shade DIN16
Light State DIN Shade 4
Dark State DIN Shade 9 to 13 Variable
Power Supply Solar cells with built in rechargeable battery (estimated 6 year life)
Switching Time Light to dark 0.00004 seconds
Light to Dark 0.25 – 0.35 seconds – fast position 0.60 – 0.80 seconds – slow position
Operating Temp -5ºC to +70ºC (23ºF to 131ºF)
Storage Temp -20ºC to +70ºC (-4ºF to -158ºF)
Helmet Material High Impact Poly amide Nylon
Total Weight 560g
Minimum Amperage Stable at 40 Amps




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