Everbuild Wet Room Tanking

The Aquaseal Wet Room System is a new waterproof tanking kit from Everbuild Building Products Ltd, the UK’s largest independent manufacturer of Sealants, Adhesives and Building Chemicals.
The building materials generally used in modern, domestic and commercial bathroom, shower and wet room areas such as plasterboard, plywood, MDF, softwood, block work and concrete are highly susceptible to water and excessive moisture meaning that, over time, leaks will begin to occur and the bathroom is at risk of moisture damage. Now, with the growing popularity of wet room’s and showers it is essential to protect what lies behind the tile, even in wet zone areas around baths and basins.
Everbuild’s Aquaseal Wet Room System Kit is the perfect solution to the problem, it is the ideal kit for waterproofing before tiling, is non-hazardous, can be used with under floor heating and is easy to apply by brush. Tested to BS/EN 14891, the Aquaseal Wet Room System Kit can be used on plasterboard, MDF, plywood, cementitious boards, blockwork, concrete & specialist wet room boards. Each kit contains Waterproof Tanking Membrane, Waterproof Tanking Tape, Waterproof Tanking Primer and a Tanking Drain Mat as well as a detailed instruction leaflet and the kit is ready to use straight out of the tub. The really clever part of the system is the new Waterproof Tanking Membrane, specially developed and manufactured by Everbuild it forms a permanently flexible waterproof seal to ensure that this is a tanking deal that really holds water and it is blue in colour for ease of application.
Available in two sizes – standard and large – the kits contain everything you need to successfully waterproof 7.5m² (large) and 4.5m² (standard, shower size). The products in the kit can also be purchased separately for any individual uses you might have. Item EVBAQSKIT45 System kit, Item EVBAQWPTM Waterproof tanking membrane.
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Why Wear Safety Boots or Shoes?

At ISD we sell many safety boots and Shoes to trade and the public. We are pleased that we do! Safety footwear can save your precious feet from injury!

This may include:

  • Puncture wounds to the feet
  • Crush injuries
  • Chemical and electrical burns

Gone of the days of heavy, uncomfortable and heavy boots. Most manufacturers have been working hard on making them more appealing while keeping the safety.

The Health and Safety law only requires safety footwear to be worn where there is a real risk of injury. It is not uncommon for employers to adopt a policy requiring the wearing of safety footwear at all times when and where there is a risk that people would not change into and out of PPE footwear during the day.

So don’t have the attitude of ” It won’t happen to me”. Be safe.



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It’s warm outside!

Fans are a simple way of circulating the air to maintain a cool and comfortable temperature.

So its even better that our Sealey 18″ floor fans are on sale at the moment. We have only 4 left in store at £55 inc vat !!

With its three-speed power selection and cradle stand the fan allows precise control of airflow to exactly where it is needed. It has carefully balanced and fully guarded blades that provide a quiet and safe operation making it suitable for use in industrial, commercial, agricultural, automotive workshop and showroom environments.

Call or email our team to reserve and collect one of these great fans.


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Gardening in July

July can be one of the hottest months of the year so keep watering. Use collected rainwater from a water butt whenever you can and keep up your daily watering and regular feeding of greenhouse and other potted plants. You can put conservatory plants outside now too.

*Check clematis for signs of clematis wilt (rapid wilting of stems and black discolouration   of leaves and stalks) and cut back affected stems.

*Keep an eye out for signs of whitefly (yellowing and disfigured leaves) and red spider mites (mottled, yellowing leaves with brown speckles) and use a biological control if necessary.

*Deadhead flowering plants (including aquatic ones) to ensure continuous flowering.

*Give your lawn a boost with a quick-acting summer feed, especially if it didn’t have a spring feed

*Prune apple and pear trees.

*Put straw under strawberry plants to keep the fruit off the soil and to prevent botrytis (grey mould). If you spot it, remove all infected fruits. Remember not to put them on the compost as this will spread the problem.

*If you have a pond, keep it topped up with fresh water to avoid a build-up of algae that can be toxic for wildlife. Clean pumps and filters to remove any weeds and other debris.

*Take advantage of dry weather to give fences, sheds and other woodwork a coat of colour or preserver.

Pests love warm weather so keep an eye out for caterpillars and aphids which can be dealt with by hand if you spot them early enough. Try to attract beneficial insects by growing a wide variety of plants.

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Five Clever Tool Hacks

Cut with a Drill

If you need to shorten a bolt, let your drill do the hard work. Spin two nuts onto the bolt, tightening them against each other. Then chuck the bolt into the drill and hold a hacksaw blade against the spinning bolt. The nuts help to steady the blade and clean off burrs when you unscrew them.

Lube with a Pencil

It’s not the perfect lubricant for most jobs, but the graphite from your pencil is slippery stuff, and it’s always right there in your tool belt. Just rub the part to make it slick.

Drive Hooks with a Wrench

Screwing in a big storage hook requires strong hands or pliers (which can distroy the plastic coating). Or you can use a wrench. Start by screwing in the hook by hand, then slip the wrench onto the hook. The wrench will catch the front of the hook and drive it home.

Lift with a Clamp

Whether you’re raising plywood to the roof or lugging a sheet of MDF across your shop, a C-clamp gives you something to grab onto.

Cut Pipe with a String
(This is also a trick used in scale modeling, to cut plastic pieces with a string that you can’t otherwise reach with a hobby saw.) It’s almost as fast as a saw and fits into tight spots where saws won’t. To give the string a starting point, cut a shallow notch with a file or hacksaw blade. Then simply pull the string back and forth to slice through PVC or ABS pipe.


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Gardening in June

It’s a great time for getting out in the garden, thanks to warmer weather and plenty of plant growth. Unfortunately, that means weeds will be flourishing too so keep on top of them by hoeing or hand weeding regularly. Start preparing the ground for bedding plants and thin out plants you’ve already sown so they all have plenty of space to grow.

It’s harvest time for early fruits, lettuce, radish, other salads and early potatoes. Many vegetables can also still be sown as seed.

What to do in June:

*Keep deadheading all your flowering plants – everything from containers, pots and hanging baskets to beds and borders. Feed them all occasionally with liquid feed.
*Repot any plants that are becoming root bound.
*Hoe borders and tackle bindweed as soon as you spot it (look for white, trumpet-shaped flowers) as it will quickly choke other plants.
*Surround strawberry plants with straw to keep the fruit off the soil and prevent botrytis (grey mould). If you spot it, remove all infected fruits. Remember not to put them on the compost as this will spread the problem.
*Protect fruit trees, currant bushes and gooseberries with netting or birds may eat your crop before you do.
*Greenhouses can get too hot so protect plants from scorching by painting relevant panes of glass with white emulsion to create shade. You can also damp down the floor of the greenhouse on hot days to increase humidity.
*Water hanging baskets and containers every day – twice if it’s hot and windy. Water other plants thoroughly once or twice a week. This is better than watering little and often as it encourages them to put down roots.

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Tips for staying safe during garden DIY

Here are a few tips on staying safe while gardening:

* An RCD (Residual Current Device) protects against electric shocks and fires by automatically cutting the electricity supply if a fault is detected (for example, if you accidently cut through a mower of trimmer cable – the biggest cause of electrical garden accidents). This could save your life!

* Clothing is important. If you’d like to hang on to all of your toes, sandals are a no-no during gardening, you should always wear PPE. Wearing the basic of PPE will prevent accidents occuring like gloves, goggles and closed toe shoes.

* Lighting within your garden should only be fitted by a registered electrician. You should also give your outdoor lights a regular check to ensure they’re kept clean and are free from damage.

* Any amount of water and electricity is a potentially dangerous combination. Whether it’s pouring down with rain or there’s just a bit of dew on the grass, stay well away until conditions have dried out.

* Extension leads, cables and connections that you plan to use in the garden should be weather-resistant with moulded connections so moisture can’t seep in; when it comes to using them, make sure all cables are fully uncoiled to stop them from overheating.

* Equipment instructions should be read carefully before use and always switch off and unplug before attempting to adjust or clean them. And be sure to keep equipment dry at all times.

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Why you should seal paving and patios


Other than frost, ice and snow slippery patios are normally a result of lichen or algae growing between the cracks or over the surface. They are blown there by the wind and swept in as you clean up. Even non slip surfaces can become slippery when covered by the growth.
What can be done?
Firstly the surface needs to be cleaned and any remaining spores killed. We suggest using a power or pressure washer to remove all of the obvious signs of green on the surface. Some power washers come with a patio brush as standard.
When the surface has been cleaned it needs to be treated with a fungicide solution to stop the spores reappearing. The best way to do this is with an Everbuild 404 fungicidal wash solution(item EVBFUN1). It should be scrubbed into the surface, left for a while, then washed off. If possible, this should be repeated.
The after-wash should be thorough and all traces of the fungicide should be removed. You are then ready to seal the patio or paving with a special sealing solution Everbuild 405(item EVBPAT5).
The milky solution dries to hard wearing water repellent film which gives a low sheen slip resistant finish which will reduce dirt pickup and facilitate easier cleaning.
The product is safer to use than conventional solvent based products, ie it is non- flammable and will not harm plants and animals when used as directed.

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Threadlock Adhesive – What is it?

Threadlock adhesives refer to any of the range of liquids that are usually applied to the surface of fasteners to prevent them from loosening. Chemically speaking, the adhesives are usually made out of resins. These resins have a quality in that they become solids when they are exposed to little or no air. In addition to that, they also chemically bond to metals when in this solid state. This means that when they are applied on a fastener, they will settle in the grooves between the threads. They then seal off this area and solidify, making it difficult for the thread to loosen. The fact that they occupy all air pockets in the regions between the fastener and the material being fastened also makes them excellent agents against corrosion.
If you are selecting threadlock adhesives, you will find that there are many types in the market. These have different quality and prices, so you need to be careful when making the selection. Some of the factors you can use as a rough guide to help you choose include the level of hold you want. Some are stronger than others. If you need an adhesive that will hold strongly for a long time, you should get high strength brands. However, if the application only requires a few years of holding, you can go for the low strength ones and save money.

You also need to account for the conditions in which the adhesives will be used, since this can affect their performance. Some brands are better suited to high temperatures, and others are not. This means that if you intend to use them in areas such as a furnace, you would need to pick one that has the chemical composition to withstand high temperatures. Other factors that can influence them include vibration, the types of metal surfaces they will be used on and contact with chemicals.

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New and improved Kitchen Range for catering professionals from Arrow this May

Arrow Solutions’ re-branded Kitchen Range (KR) of cleaning and maintenance solutions have been designed with the modern commercial kitchen in mind and offer the same high standards that cleaning professionals have come to know and trust.

Arrow Solutions provide products that clean, de-grease and sanitise all aspects of the commercial kitchen, from general dish washing to food contact area sanitising with EN1276 approved solutions.

The kitchen concentrates allow routine yet vital tasks such as dishwashing, oven cleaning, drain maintenance and sanitising to be completed to the highest standards, while the exceptional dilution rates deliver excellent cost in use.

Arrow’s new range spans new and improved oven and coffee machine cleaners, washing up liquid and concentrates that offer up to 100 trigger bottles worth of solution per Litre. Arrow’s reputation for the best heavy duty solutions continues with a floor cleaner that easily eliminate scuffs, grease and fatty deposits, as well as multi-purpose cleaners that are essential to the upkeep of clean and hygienic commercial kitchens.

Whether running a single coffee shop or a large chain of restaurants, catering professionals know that Arrow products will keep their kitchens running trouble free during even the busiest periods of service.


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