Every year around 500 billion disposable cups are made and discarded globally. Some will be recycled but a large number go straight to landfill, the rest will litter the environment for years to come. Especially with China no longer accepting plastic waste from the UK, this is a concerning issue.

If you or your business is looking to become more environmentally friendly, bamboo cups are definitely the way forward and they are becoming more popular with consumers and businesses every day.

They are great for the environment and make the perfect addition to an eco friendly life. Light, reusable and long-lasting they are definitely the way forward. These ones with rice husk are microwavable too!

▶️ Why are Bamboo cups good for the Environment?
Bamboo has been chosen as a great material as, by mixing it with a other natural products, it becomes hard, extremely durable and perfect in creating an eco-friendly cup. As a material, it is a sustainable crop that can be grown fast, and without pesticides…and that can re-harvest as soon as it has been cut….all great in this day and age!

And because bamboo is a plant product, it can biodegrade in one year…..most cups take at least 50 years due to the plastic lining in them.

▶️ How Can Bamboo Cups work in your Business?

There are two different ways we believe these cups can work in your business:
⭐️ Consumer Product: They are great for selling with your logo/ branding/ company details on them – these cups can be purchased in most colours and be designed according to your needs. Great promotional products – just take a look at what Starbucks are doing with theirs!
⭐️ Employee Product: We are already seeing our clients wanting to move away from plastic cups. Why not encourage your employees to purchase a bamboo cup in return for a discounted tea/ coffee price? Or you could even provide them with one to show your commitment to sustainable and environmentally friendly living

If you would like to know more about purchasing these bamboo/rice cups, we are able to provide any quantity from single figures up to six figures! Almost any colour and any design available.

Call Andy from ISD Limited/ ToolsRUs on 01952 630 333 or 07590 121 024 to find out more.