Tips for staying safe during garden DIY

Here are a few tips on staying safe while gardening:

* An RCD (Residual Current Device) protects against electric shocks and fires by automatically cutting the electricity supply if a fault is detected (for example, if you accidently cut through a mower of trimmer cable – the biggest cause of electrical garden accidents). This could save your life!

* Clothing is important. If you’d like to hang on to all of your toes, sandals are a no-no during gardening, you should always wear PPE. Wearing the basic of PPE will prevent accidents occuring like gloves, goggles and closed toe shoes.

* Lighting within your garden should only be fitted by a registered electrician. You should also give your outdoor lights a regular check to ensure they’re kept clean and are free from damage.

* Any amount of water and electricity is a potentially dangerous combination. Whether it’s pouring down with rain or there’s just a bit of dew on the grass, stay well away until conditions have dried out.

* Extension leads, cables and connections that you plan to use in the garden should be weather-resistant with moulded connections so moisture can’t seep in; when it comes to using them, make sure all cables are fully uncoiled to stop them from overheating.

* Equipment instructions should be read carefully before use and always switch off and unplug before attempting to adjust or clean them. And be sure to keep equipment dry at all times.

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Why you should seal paving and patios


Other than frost, ice and snow slippery patios are normally a result of lichen or algae growing between the cracks or over the surface. They are blown there by the wind and swept in as you clean up. Even non slip surfaces can become slippery when covered by the growth.
What can be done?
Firstly the surface needs to be cleaned and any remaining spores killed. We suggest using a power or pressure washer to remove all of the obvious signs of green on the surface. Some power washers come with a patio brush as standard.
When the surface has been cleaned it needs to be treated with a fungicide solution to stop the spores reappearing. The best way to do this is with an Everbuild 404 fungicidal wash solution(item EVBFUN1). It should be scrubbed into the surface, left for a while, then washed off. If possible, this should be repeated.
The after-wash should be thorough and all traces of the fungicide should be removed. You are then ready to seal the patio or paving with a special sealing solution Everbuild 405(item EVBPAT5).
The milky solution dries to hard wearing water repellent film which gives a low sheen slip resistant finish which will reduce dirt pickup and facilitate easier cleaning.
The product is safer to use than conventional solvent based products, ie it is non- flammable and will not harm plants and animals when used as directed.

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Threadlock Adhesive – What is it?

Threadlock adhesives refer to any of the range of liquids that are usually applied to the surface of fasteners to prevent them from loosening. Chemically speaking, the adhesives are usually made out of resins. These resins have a quality in that they become solids when they are exposed to little or no air. In addition to that, they also chemically bond to metals when in this solid state. This means that when they are applied on a fastener, they will settle in the grooves between the threads. They then seal off this area and solidify, making it difficult for the thread to loosen. The fact that they occupy all air pockets in the regions between the fastener and the material being fastened also makes them excellent agents against corrosion.
If you are selecting threadlock adhesives, you will find that there are many types in the market. These have different quality and prices, so you need to be careful when making the selection. Some of the factors you can use as a rough guide to help you choose include the level of hold you want. Some are stronger than others. If you need an adhesive that will hold strongly for a long time, you should get high strength brands. However, if the application only requires a few years of holding, you can go for the low strength ones and save money.

You also need to account for the conditions in which the adhesives will be used, since this can affect their performance. Some brands are better suited to high temperatures, and others are not. This means that if you intend to use them in areas such as a furnace, you would need to pick one that has the chemical composition to withstand high temperatures. Other factors that can influence them include vibration, the types of metal surfaces they will be used on and contact with chemicals.

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New and improved Kitchen Range for catering professionals from Arrow this May

Arrow Solutions’ re-branded Kitchen Range (KR) of cleaning and maintenance solutions have been designed with the modern commercial kitchen in mind and offer the same high standards that cleaning professionals have come to know and trust.

Arrow Solutions provide products that clean, de-grease and sanitise all aspects of the commercial kitchen, from general dish washing to food contact area sanitising with EN1276 approved solutions.

The kitchen concentrates allow routine yet vital tasks such as dishwashing, oven cleaning, drain maintenance and sanitising to be completed to the highest standards, while the exceptional dilution rates deliver excellent cost in use.

Arrow’s new range spans new and improved oven and coffee machine cleaners, washing up liquid and concentrates that offer up to 100 trigger bottles worth of solution per Litre. Arrow’s reputation for the best heavy duty solutions continues with a floor cleaner that easily eliminate scuffs, grease and fatty deposits, as well as multi-purpose cleaners that are essential to the upkeep of clean and hygienic commercial kitchens.

Whether running a single coffee shop or a large chain of restaurants, catering professionals know that Arrow products will keep their kitchens running trouble free during even the busiest periods of service.


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Choosing the right kind of lawnmower for your garden can be a difficult decision, but our helpful guide will help you find the right mower to keep your grass looking gorgeous all year.

Choosing your lawnmower by power type

There are several types of lawnmower to consider:

Cylinder lawnmowers

Cylinder mowers uses a series of blades at the front of the lawnmower that rotate against a fixed bottom blade, making them perfect for level lawns and really fine, short cuts such as those found in ornamental gardens. They’re available as electric, petrol-powered and hand-pushed models, and come with a variety of cutting widths. However, cylinder-mown lawns do need more regular mowing to keep it looking great.

Rotary lawnmowers

These are the most versatile type of mower as they’re able to cope with different types of lawn, such as rougher areas of grass and sloping banks. Rotary mowers use blades that rotate horizontally at the chosen cutting height, and are available as either electric or petrol-driven models. They’re the best choice for keeping a normal family garden perfectly trimmed, and are able to deal with longer grass if you don’t cut the lawn on a regular basis.

Hover lawnmowers

As the name suggests, this type of lawnmower hovers just above the grass. Hover mowers are rotary mowers that float on a cushion of air, they can be extremely lightweight to push and their easy maneuverability makes them ideal if your garden features curved edges, borders or flower beds.

Cordless lawnmowers

These can be petrol-powered lawnmowers or battery powered lawnmowers. Cordless battery lawnmowers are growing in popularity due to the performance improvements and lower costs of lithium ion batteries. Petrol lawnmowers offer the power and range benefits of an engine, and with the additional power available they can also be self-propelled which makes it easier to push them on large lawns.

Quick Tip

  • Something to consider is whether you want a self-propelled or push mower – push models are cheaper, easy to maintain and perfect for small lawns, whereas a self-propelled mower is easier to handle and may even come with a variable speed control to suit your walking pace.
  • Another thing to consider is collection box size. A bigger collection box means you won’t need to stop as often to empty it, which is something worth considering if you’ve got a larger lawn.
  • If you want a stripe-effect lawn, choose a mower with a rear roller. As the mower cuts, the roller travels over the grass and flattens it in one direction.
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I have no doubt that your week is already off to a great start. It’s a four-day week, followed by an egg-stra-long weekend and you can finally over indulge in all the treats you gave up for lent.
We will be also joining the majority and breaking up today.
Here at Tools R Us we wish you all a relaxing break and see you Tuesday.

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How do you spot a poor quality garden tool?

A tool that is painted rather than one which is plain metal probably is going to be of poor quality. Paint covers up wood and metal. The paint will flake away quickly and the metal beneath will rust. And if the wood and metal are cheap, then the tools themselves are more likely to bend or break. My personal opinion is that any garden tools with flowers painted on are probably a gift shop product. And the price is a clue! Good work costs money and you do not have to buy lots of tools, just a few good ones.

At Tools R Us we pride ourselves with the quality we sell to the trade and public.

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3 other uses for Cable Ties

Cable Ties are really handy for all manner of jobs. They are great for tidying up spare wires as well as cables, they are fantastic for keeping a hose pipe neatly coiled up or even coils of rope or electrical flex.
Here are a few other ideas they can be used for.

1. Sink Unblocker – If you have something stuck or jammed a cable tie is stiff but flexible enough to poke through the plug hole and work loose the object of clogged-up gunk.
2. Travel Security – It’s not about ensuring that no one can get into your suitcases, as a determined thief will do this anyway. And if you make it to hard they will cause even more damage. It is about securing your case from an opportunist, or ensuring that nothing is put into your bag without your knowledge. If the cable tie is removed you know your bags have been tampered with.
3. Toddler Protection – You can get a fancy (but expensive) child lock for kitchen cupboards to stop little ones getting in and wreaking havoc with the crockery or worst. A cable tie is a safe and cheap alternative, particularly if you get a re-sealable cable tie.

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Velcro Plant Ties

Plant Ties offer a quick, easy-to-use solution for staking and training small, delicate plants or plants that need extra support. The soft lining does not damage the plant as it grows but protects it and is easily adjustable when required. Simply wrap the Plant Tie around the plant and post, stake, or trellis. Then simply press to secure in place.
Code: VEL60201 50mm x 5m
Code: VEL60202 12mm x 5m

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Glycerine filled pressure guage

We have 10 Glycerine filled pressure guages available, they are £15 each.

People may ask why are the guages filled with liquid?
In a liquid-filled gauge, the fluid fill effectively dampens system pulsation, making the gauge pointer easier to read. Likewise, humidity and moisture pose problems for dry gauges. Condensation can make a gauge difficult to read or, in some cases, can cause failure due to icing.

What are these guages used for?
Commonly used for pneumatic, heating, ventilation, air-conditioning and medical engineering applications.

Can the guages be refilled?
Yes, using a funnel the guages can be refilled many times.

If you have any more questions please give us a call and our staff will be happy to help.

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