Gardening in December

Winter rain and storms mean that there’s often tidying up to do somewhere. Check climbers haven’t blown away from the wall and use wall ties so the wind won’t damage them. There is also still time to plant tulip bulbs if the ground hasn’t frozen.

What to do in December

  • Carry on digging over beds and borders, incorporating as much organic matter as you can.
  • Clear patios, driveways and paths of slippery algae, moss, weeds and lichen, especially after a windy day. Keep clearing up any leaves so that slugs and snails can’t shelter underneath them. Add them to your leaf mould pile if you have one.
  • Clean and insulate your greenhouse if you haven’t already. Cover glass on the inside with bubble wrap which keeps out the lower temperature but lets in the light.
  • Clean and repair your garden tools. Repair fences, trellises and pergolas and treat timber with preservative or wood colouring when climbers have died away or lost their leaves.

Caution – A pile of debris is an attractive shelter for a hedgehog so always check thoroughly before burning.