Gardening in February

It’s time to prune shrubs, climbers and evergreen hedges. There’s still a risk of frost and even snow, so continue to protect vulnerable plants, pots and taps by wrapping insulation around them, such as bubble wrap and hessian. Protect the roots of tender trees and shrubs with a generous amount of dry mulch.

Growing your own

  •  Cover strawberry plants with garden fleece to encourage early fruiting. You can also  plant summer fruiting raspberries. Harvest leeks, Brussels sprouts and sprouting broccoli and plant Jerusalem artichokes.
  •  Continue to dig over beds and borders to help prepare the soil for spring and reduce pests
  •  Prepare vegetable seed beds by using a rake to level the surface to create a crumb- like texture on the top. Make new beds and borders when the ground thaws and the soil begins to warm
  • Protect blossom on apricots, nectarines and peaches from frost by covering trees in horticultural fleece. Use netting to cover fruit and vegetable crops to keep the birds off
    It’s a good time to prune winter flowering shrubs that have finished flowering. Prune wisteria, conservatory climbers, and hardy evergreen hedge.