Gardening in January

The weather can be harsh this month so check stakes, ties and other garden supports for any damage. You might also want to move some plants to sunnier positions if possible. Heavy snowfall? Brush snow off conifers and hedges so the weight doesn’t cause damage.

Growing your own

Sow early crops (radishes, beetroot, spinach and lettuces) and tend undercover in a greenhouse, tunnel or on a windowsill inside.

What to do in January

  • Ventilate your greenhouse on sunny days. Even wedging open the door will allow circulation of air and will reduce humidity as plants need a fresh supply of CO2.
  • Repair and reshape lawn edges. They will keep their shape as the grass isn’t growing this time of year.
  • Carry on clearing paths of moss and leaves.
  • When soil conditions allow, continue to dig over beds and borders. Once the soil is workable, get the hoe out again.
  • Cover the roots of tender herbaceous perennials with a generous amount of dry mulch to protect these until the risk of frost has passed.
  • Don’t forget to keep feeding the birds.