Choosing the right ladder can prevent all sorts of problems, including both ease of use and injury. There are different types of ladders for different tasks. Some specific ladder types include:

Cotterman Ladders: These rolling, steel warehouse ladders are a great staple for warehouses of all kinds. As they are transportable, they can be a rolling stair unit for access around indoor areas. Cotterman ladders are designed for easy access with included handrails. Most styles include platforms at the top of the structure, providing safer access when loading or unloading.

Step Ladders: For your average, everyday job, you may find that a step ladder will provide the height you need. With options for height up to 12 feet, most every day jobs can be performed with a standard step ladder. Additionally, with a number of options for accessory add-ons, they can offer even more functionality and help on even more job types.

Extension Ladders: For work that needs to be performed at up to 40 feet, the extension ladder can be utilized. These ladders are usually needed for outside jobs as they provide extended reach. With a number of different accessory options, these ladders can perform safely, securely, and effectively each and every time.

Fixed Access Ladders: These types of ladders are designed for specific use, as they are installed to provide permanent access to an area. They can be installed either inside or outside of a structure, offering a safe and affordable way to access areas that would otherwise be challenging to get to and emergency exits.

Ladder safety checklist

  • Never use a ladder on an uneven surface.
  • Never stack your ladder on any other material or equipment other than the floor to get additional height
  • Never attempt to move a ladder while it is in use
  • Never use a ladder in extreme weather conditions for outside jobs
  • Never use a damaged ladder
  • Never lose focus when climbing or descending a ladder

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