Proud to be Supplying the NHS

ISD Limited/ ToolsRUs are very proud of our current relationship with a number of facilities providers, that allow us to supply a large range of products across the NHS.

We work with providers such as Skanska, Amey and Jewsons to supply items for everything from:

  • cleaning down the wards,
  • cleaning up spills in all departments.
  • hand cleaners,
  • paper products ,
  • small tools and safety equipment
  • water softening tablets for the washing machines and dishwasher salts
  • specialist “one off” items for the storage units and equipment etc.

Through our facility suppliers, Skanska, we call onto sites at least once a month to assist the maintenance department with stores management and one off purchases, ensuring a high level of customer service and a real understanding of what the businesses require.

With items as diverse as dishwasher salt to anti ligature pull cords, our range of products is more diverse than we can ever explain but we pride ourselves in the fact that if we are asked to provide a product, it is VERY rare that we say no.

We are also recognized for our work with the procurement teams to source many urgent parts for equipment used on the wards or on background machinery. Supplying and reacting to urgent requests is just an everyday activity for our sales and purchasing department and they work tirelessly around the clock when unusual requests come in.  We hope that this means that our NHS is able to work more effectively and continue to do the work that it needs to.


So if your business could benefit from our services or you are a procurement company that is looking for a new supplier, why not call and ask to speak to Andy on 01952 630 333 or 07590 121 024 to get a ‘no-obligation’ quote or e-mail your requirements to [email protected]

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