Working With Her Majesty’s Prison Service

Not only do ISD Limited have a relationship with the NHS & the MoD, we are also delighted to work alongside Her Majesty’s Prison service, through a number of facility companies.

ISD Limited works to provide all the supplies that HMP service requires for the hygiene of their personnel. By us looking after the day to day needs, they can focus on the needs of the prisons.

The requirements of the prison service can be hard to manage due to the complexities & security around the prison service – not to be compromised! Many companies struggle to handle the required provision, due to the inability to be flexible, with both couriers & deliveries.

However, here at ISD Limited, we pride ourselves on having built unique relationships that allow us to manage the security issues & delays that often come as part of the job with this sector- so they aren’t an issue! We are even able to handle Scottish deliveries without concern.

We take full control of everything with the Manchester & Scottish prisons from sales to delivery, ensuring a seamless transaction that our clients need & deserve. All at prices that will keep your accounts team happy! Call on 01952 630 333 or email